Magnus uses different artist monikers when releasing his music. Check out the artists below and make sure to follow on streaming and social media so you don't miss any new releases!


Ethereal Silence

Ethereal Silence is the ambient side project of the award-winning Norwegian composer Magnus Murel. The project aims to deliver atmospheric soundscapes that takes the listener on a journey into a musical landscape.


FAMILIARIS is a collaboration between the award winning composers John Vegard Schow and Magnus Murel. We want the music to serve the listener and be like a family, intimate yet confident and friendly. Working with each other is a joy that give our ideas new wings to fly with.


Fawaris is the piano side project of the award-winning Norwegian composer Magnus Murel. Fawaris aim to create music that deeply touches people. The music is created with great knowledge and intuition about melodies and harmonies. A series of singles is planned in 2022-2023 Follow to stay up-to-date.

Fukai Hikari

Fukai Hikari creates soothing and atmospheric lo-fi piano. Follow to stay up to date!


Furusato is the lo-fi side project of the award-winning Norwegian composer Magnus Murel. Furusato aim to create moody and cinematic beats to keep you company when you don't want to be alone.

Magnus Murel

Magnus Murel is an award-winning composer from Tjøme, Norway, with more than 100.000 monthly listeners. He specializes in music for media, and has composed music for numerous productions. Magnus draws experience from a unique blend of impulses, in addition to extensive technological knowledge, in order to create his highly original scores which are often a combination of acoustic and electronic elements. ?

Sounds of Less

Sounds of Less is a composer collective from Oslo that specializes in meditative, peaceful music. Make sure to follow us on Spotify!


Yellkraft is creating crossover electronic music and beats. Follow to stay up-to-date.