Magnus Murel

Magnus Murel is an award-winning composer from Tjøme, Norway, with more than 100.000 monthly listeners. He specializes in music for media, and has composed music for numerous productions. Magnus draws experience from a unique blend of impulses, in addition to extensive technological knowledge, in order to create his highly original scores which are often a combination of acoustic and electronic elements. ?


Forest Walk

Released Sep 4, 2020
A beautiful lyrical piano tune inspired by a walk in the nordic forest. The song has a hint of nordic folk tune in the harmonies, and it could easily have lyrics and be sung to children at the bedpost.
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The Way Back

Released Aug 7, 2020
A melancholic solo piano piece looking back on the path you've walked in life.
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New World

Released Jun 5, 2020
A New and Beautiful World is Awaiting. Are You Ready? An orchestral track written to beautiful nature videos. Inspired by the music on nature shows on BBC, Discovery.
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Released May 15, 2020
A high quality production meditative relaxing track. Written for multiple piano playlists on spotify. A part of a series of new meditative emotional tracks.

Sounds From the Edge of the Universe

Released Apr 24, 2020
They shine upon us through the night Surrounded by silence We are not alone Our destination lies beyond This is the first piece in a series where I explore different musical landscape inspired by being human in this endless universe.


Released Mar 27, 2020
stillness is a piece I made when I needed to take my mind of the anxiety around the COVID-19. I didn't find any piece that worked, so I decided to make a new space to find comfort and relaxation.

The Gift of Life

Released Mar 6, 2020
A clear beautiful piano piece with a long melodic line. The music has a story and a purpose when listening to it.

A New Dawn

Released Jan 31, 2020
A quiet peaceful piano with intimate sound. Flows like the ocean, no steady rhythm just following the music. Perfect for relaxation and meditation.

A Journey to the Sea

Released Jan 3, 2020
A full orchestral piece inspired by the ocean, and the forces hidden beneath the surface.


Released Aug 15, 2019
"Ambitions" is inspired by the inner drive to reach a goal. The challenges, journey and transformation a person must take in order to truly embrace and land in the newly created spot in life.


Released Apr 5, 2019


Released Nov 22, 2018

Memories From a Distant Future

Released Sep 11, 2018

Transparent Spirit

Released Jul 22, 2018

I’ve Never Had This Fun Before

Released May 30, 2018