Ethereal Silence

Ethereal Silence is the ambient side project of the award-winning Norwegian composer Magnus Murel. The project aims to deliver atmospheric soundscapes that takes the listener on a journey into a musical landscape.



Released Mar 29, 2024
With its quiet and emotional musical content Resurrection describes the begninning of a new spiritual journey. With the use of voices it takes the listener on a journey into a state of ethereal silence where the healing begin. 

Resurrection is a deeply personal piece which was started a few years ago, but not finished until recently. It also marks a new start of new releases for the artist Ethereal Silence.
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Sleeping Giants

Released Jun 24, 2022
Sleeping Giants is a deeply emotional cinematic ambient track with warm and lush sound. Within each and everyone of us there is a giant sleeping, just waiting to be awakened. This giant is the source to your power and life purpose. Listen closely and you might hear the giant sleeping.
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Released May 27, 2022
Eternity is a mystic ambient cinematic piece inspired by how time ultimately connecting everything together, giving our lives meaning and direction. Eternity evokes a deep inner state within listeners and is perfect for meditation and relaxation.
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Dreaming of Flying

Released Oct 15, 2021
'Dreaming of Flying' is a bold ambient track layered with soft and silky piano melodies. This piece is descriptive of the feeling of flying within your lucid dreams. With lush synths and a dreamy atmosphere, this piece provides inspiration and relaxation for its listeners.
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Creation of Life

Released Jun 11, 2021
Creation of Life is a relaxing piece with a feeling of hope. By using soft chords with a feeling of great depth and an ethereal background, the piece gives a feeling of being out of this world.


Released May 14, 2021
Awakening is a mystical piece about a new dawn in life and was influenced by the feeling of hope and inspiration that comes with life’s new chapters. This ambient track evokes the feeling of slowly awakening after being dormant.

Dreaming of Mountains

Released Apr 2, 2021
Dreaming of Mountains. The silent giants. The symbol of eternity and stillness. The link between heaven and earth . Dreamy soundscapes to meditate, focus, sleep or relax. Warm pads and soft echoes makes this a perfect relaxation track.

Welcome Home

Released Oct 23, 2020
"You've traveled far, my friend. Welcome home" This piece is the incarnation of a long lost home. You've searched for a long time, and finally you can see it getting closer. Your mind and soul connects and you can feel a deep peace in your body. It's been a long time, but you are finally home.

We Are Not Alone

Released Jul 3, 2020
Inspired by the waste emptiness in the space. A stars shines upon us, spreading their energy and watching over the planets. I will continue releasing ambient music under the new artist name Ethereal Silence. Hopefully a new piece every 4-6 weeks.