Sounds of Less

Sounds of Less is a composer collective from Oslo that specializes in meditative, peaceful music. Make sure to follow us on Spotify!


Dreamy Nightscape

Released Feb 23, 2024
Dreamy nightscape is a calm track perfect for unwinding after a long day, or even right before going to sleep. A calm music box sound is blended with organic pads and synths. Can be included for the end of any yoga, pilates or exercise sessions - to find that extra level of peace and stillness!
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Memory of Water

Released Feb 2, 2024
Memory of water is an organic-sounding track, with calm, pulsating synths, suitable for any relaxation setting - or your perfect yoga, pilates or exercise schedule! The calm sound of running water is blended in, giving an additional organical feel. The track brings you back to your true nature of deep relaxation and groundedness.
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Released May 26, 2023
Resurrection is a hauntingly beautiful ambient piece that will transport you to another world. The lush strings create a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere that will capture your imagination and leave you feeling relaxed and inspired. Whether you're looking for a calming soundtrack for your meditation practice or a soothing accompaniment to your daily routine, Resurrection is the perfect choice. With its evocative melodies and rich, layered soundscapes, this piece is sure to become a favorite in your music collection. So sit back, relax, and let the lush ambient strings of Resurrection take you on a journey of the senses.
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Calming Voices of Sleep

Released Mar 17, 2023
Calming voices of sleep is a gentle, dynamic track perfect for your sleep routine. Consisting of soft, organic sounds and instruments, it brings you instantaneously to a quiet place of relaxation, when winding down after a long day. It is also suitable for any kind of yoga restoration, pilates, mindfulness or other practices.
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Drifting Clouds

Released Nov 4, 2022
"Drifting Clouds" is a gentle track that is a perfect companion for following you into sleep. A dreamy, electric piano is surrounded by subtle static sounds. The track is suitable for any kind of meditation, sleep aid, mindfulness or yoga. Make sure to include it in your playlist!
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Night at the Oceanside

Released Oct 21, 2022
"Night at the oceanside" is a dreamy, night-like track, with calm synths and organic-soundig effects. Sounds of the ocean brings to mind the healing power of water and the calm sound of waves. This track is perfect for yoga, meditation, pilates, or any kind of relaxation. Enjoy!
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Drifting Mind

Released Sep 9, 2022
"Drifting mind" is a dreamy, soft track perfect for yoga, relaxation or meditation. With tender synths and pads, it brings you immediately to a comfortable space of deep relaxation and well-being. The sounds are organic and natural, and adds to the gentle style. Make sure to add it to your yoga playlist!
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Released Aug 26, 2022
"Insomnia" is a dreamy track, with a certain amount of intensity and focus. It can be used for meditation, as a yoga segment or in mindfulness. With timeless, soft instruments and pads, it is a perfect companion for entering sleep og centering in the body during meditation
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Into Sleep

Released Aug 12, 2022
"Into sleep" is a calm, quiet track perfect for entering sleep after a long day. Instruments include soft electric pianos, dreamy pads and gentle strings. The dreamy, free atmosphere brings you immediately to a quiet place of release and freedom.
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Urban Echo

Released Jun 3, 2022
Urban Echo is a modern-sounding track with ambient city and animal sounds. The main instrument is a piano with a heavy echo effect. It also has dreamy, calm drones to add to the calm feel. The organic variation and movements in the soundscape is perfect for quieting the mind. Suitable for yoga sessions, pilates, meditation or mindfulness, or even as background music for work.
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Urban Zen

Released May 20, 2022
Urban zen is a modern-sounding track with urban sounds blending city life and animal sounds. It features calm, soft drones and dreamy guitars with lots of reverb. It quiets the mind, and brings you instantly to a good-feeling place of relaxation and joy. Perfect for any yoga session, or meditation, pilates or mindfulness.
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Beyond Time

Released May 6, 2022
Beyond time is a dreamy, drone-driven track that really brings your mind to a totally relaxed place beyond time and space. Using droplet sounds, it is based around gentle, organic drone synths that creates a timeless, dreamy atmosphere. The track is perfect for any kind of meditation, yoga or mindfulness session.
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Interstellar Dream

Released Feb 25, 2022
"Interstellar dream" is a tender, dreamy track, that brings to mind the vast, enormous distances in space and a quiet realm beyond time. Virtually floating, the fragile opening strings gives an emotional, tender feel. Later we hear a more synth- and pad-based section, which adds to the dreamyness. The track is quite long, and is perfect for any kind of yoga, pilates, mediation or mindfulness segment."

Cave Wellness

Released Feb 11, 2022
Cave wellness is a dreamy, ambient track with droplet sounds and organic sounding synths. It immediately brings the mind to a quiet, timeless place of relaxation and wellness. The open, big reverb adds to the dreamy quality, and in addition the track is quite long. The track is perfect for any kind of meditation, yoga, spa wellness, pilates or relaxation session.

At the Well

Released Sep 17, 2021
"At the Well" is evoking a deep, calm state of mind. The track consists of quiet, pulsating synths and drone, and is perfect for any kind of yoga, meditation or mindfulness.