Fukai Hikari

Fukai Hikari creates soothing and atmospheric lo-fi piano. Follow to stay up to date!



Released Aug 19, 2022
Serein is a delicate improvised track inspired from the light summer rain falling from the clear sky and creating a beautiful rainbow. It's soothing nature makes it perfect for meditation, sleeping and relaxation.
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Released May 13, 2022
Petrichor is improvised by an open window with the fresh smell of rain and wet soil rising in the air. It is perfect for relaxing, meditation and sleeping.
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Spring Rain

Released Apr 15, 2022
Spring Rain is a meditative piano track improvised a late afternoon while it was raining outside. A melancholic, relaxing track that is perfect for relaxation, meditation, sleeping or yoga. The ambient rain background enhance the meditative state of the piece.
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Released Jun 18, 2021
Imperfections is a downtempo beatless electric lo-fi piano mood.