FAMILIARIS is a collaboration between the award winning composers John Vegard Schow and Magnus Murel. We want the music to serve the listener and be like a family, intimate yet confident and friendly. Working with each other is a joy that give our ideas new wings to fly with.


The Odyssey

Released May 10, 2024
Experience the cinematic journey of "The Odyssey," a haunting piano piece that captures the determination and emotional depth of embarking on a new adventure, promising a captivating progression that resonates universally with listeners, inviting them to embrace uncertainty and triumph.
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Missing You

Released Apr 19, 2024
Missing You is an intimate piece with a transparent and haunting melody which lightly guides the listener through a melodic story. It evokes the feeling of nostalgia and is a perfect companion for reflective moments
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Winter Flower

Released Nov 24, 2023
"Winter Flower" is a piano melody that blossoms with the gentle warmth of a Christmas embrace, offering a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Its soft, flowing notes create a sense of calm, reminiscent of watching snowflakes drift quietly by a window, each note unfurling like the delicate petals of a serene winter bloom.
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Waltze Pastorale

Released Aug 18, 2023
"Waltze Pastorale," a lyrical echo from the past, breathes life into the tranquility of rural landscapes. Let this piece take you on a nostalgic journey back to simpler times, where each keystroke mirrors the timeless rhythm of nature.
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Sunrise Serenade

Released Jul 21, 2023
Step into a world of enchantment with "Sunrise Serenade," a stunning felt piano piece designed to awaken your senses. Each note resonates with the charm of yesteryears and the magical promise of a new dawn.
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Released Mar 10, 2023
"Ascending," a breathtaking musical journey that evokes the feeling of a bird taking flight, providing a sense of release and freedom, serving as a reminder that it's possible to take the first step towards a new destination, be it a new school, a new job, or a new life, inspired by the pivotal moments in life when we need to rise above and soar.
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Released Jan 6, 2023
Wistful is a beautiful, melancholic piano piece inspired by looking back on ones life and wondering how things would be if you had done things differently. Its nostalgic sound makes it the perfect companion for reflective moments.
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Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates

Released Nov 11, 2022
Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates is a beautiful three-handed piano arrangement of the german hymn "Macht hoch die Tür". With it's intimate sounds this is the perfect song for background music in the christmas season.
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Released Oct 14, 2022
Hymn is a beautiful nostalgic piece reflecting back on memories and how the moments defined your life. It's about being grateful for for being able to relive important and beautiful memories. Hymn is mixed with a close delicate sound which makes it perfect for relaxing and focusing.
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Forgotten Time

Released Sep 2, 2022
The piece «Forgotten Time» is a delicate piano piece and is perfect for relaxing refreshing. It’s mixed with a close delicate sound which makes it perfect for piano playlists.
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