Fawaris is the piano side project of the award-winning Norwegian composer Magnus Murel. Fawaris aim to create music that deeply touches people. The music is created with great knowledge and intuition about melodies and harmonies. A series of singles is planned in 2022-2023 Follow to stay up-to-date.


As Time Goes By

Released Apr 22, 2022
“As Time Goes By” is a collaboration between the Norwegian composers and artists John Vegard Schow and Magnus Murel (Fawaris). The piece is a delicate piece with a hymn like feeling and is perfect for relaxing refreshing. It’s mixed with a close delicate sound which makes it perfect for piano playlists.
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A Life Lived to the Fullest

Released Apr 1, 2022
A Life Lived to the Fullest is a solo piano composition by Helen Green, a project managed by American composer John Clark. This release features Magnus Murel as a guest piano player under his moniker of Fawaris. It's a peaceful and calm piano tune with a relaxing vibe. It's perfect for relaxing piano music playlists.
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No Place Like Home

Released Nov 5, 2021
‘No Place Like Home’ takes its listeners on a journey of self discovery, taking listeners home, wherever that may be. Inspired by Norwegian tonality, Fawaris created this piece with the intention of taking listeners on a journey of the magical and mystical kind, exploring both nature and roots.
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Moon Waltz

Released Oct 8, 2021
Moon Waltz is a melancholic piano piece. Inspired by our planets relation to the mystic neighbor in the sky the piece invites the moon to a slow waltz. The harmonics is both mystical and pleasing to the ear.


Released May 28, 2021
Halcyon is a peaceful and melodic piece reflecting back on peaceful and happy days.

Krokskogen - Sunrays

Released Mar 19, 2021
Krokskogen - Sunrays is a magical piece inspired by the feeling of warm spring sunrays against your face. With your eyes closed, breathing the fresh air. A new day in your life is about to start. Photo Lars Lindland / www.oslomarkalove.com

Østmarka - Morning Fog

Released Mar 12, 2021
Imagine a silent morning in the forest. The ground is covered by the floating fog. You take a moment to watch and feel the beauty of the newborn day. With a feeling of content and inspiration you are soon ready to start a new fresh day in this wondrous world Cover photo by Harald Bratland Carlsen / www.walktheworld.no

Nordmarka: Hulder Dance

Released Feb 26, 2021
Inspired by Norwegian folk music and the Norwegian Hulder folklore. The hulder female is a seductive creature who lives in the forest. When a man falls for the seductive dance he is never to be seen again. Photo by Kjell-Jostein Sivertsen / www.kjelljostein.com

The Secret Garden

Released Jan 8, 2021
A Secret Garden. Those who seek it will find all the beauty and wisdom of the world in one place. A place of unity. This is a soft melodic piano piece with a reflective and meditative mood. Perfect for any relaxing playlist.

The Most Beautiful Gift

Released Dec 2, 2020
A soft christmas piano piece, perfect for any christmas playlist. Wishing all a very nice christmas holiday season with this beautiful composed melody!

Forgotten Voices

Released Oct 16, 2020
This piece is the incarnation of a long yearning. With it’s haunting melody, you feel a longing for something you’ve forgotten inside yourself. Something that calls out to you, and you can’t deny its existence anymore.


Released Sep 25, 2020
A sweet lullaby to take you into a safe space of deep sleep where you feel the love from the people closest to you.

Forest Walk

Released Sep 4, 2020
A beautiful lyrical piano tune inspired by a walk in the nordic forest. The song has a hint of nordic folk tune in the harmonies, and it could easily have lyrics and be sung to children at the bedpost.
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The Way Back

Released Aug 7, 2020
A melancholic solo piano piece looking back on the path you've walked in life.
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Released Jun 26, 2020
Monuments are important in the human history. They are constant reminders of the people who lived before us and their choices. Some monuments will last forever, some will fall when the time has come. This piece inspired by the grand vision of a new social monument currently being built in the world.